Why Do Seniors Get Scammed by Family Members?

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Picture this scenario at the bank: A woman walks into her branch with her 25-year-old grandson and they’re ready to transfer $4,000 or so out of Grandma’s account into his. Is the grandson running a scam? If so, can the bank do anything to stop it?

Putting off Getting Hearing Aids? Don’t—Your Brain Will Thank You!

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A few years ago, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine gave us yet another reason to worry about getting Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias: They demonstrated an association between hearing loss and cognitive decline.

Why Women Have More Financial Insecurity Than Men as They Age

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As a result, women tend to go into retirement with fewer assets, less home equity, lower retirement account balances and a higher debt load than men.

Why Should I Pair my Business Succession and Estate Planning?

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Thinking of exit and estate planning in tandem, allows owners to ask relevant questions to bring their entire picture into focus.

Steps to Take as a Parent’s Condition Takes a Turn

My father only designated my mom as an agent on power of attorney forms, and they have not been updated in many years. Where do you think we should go from here?

How Fido Can Help You Stay Healthy as You Age

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Your career might be behind you, but this little furball needs you.

How to Enjoy Life After Retirement

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Continuing to approach life the same way you did during your caree, might not bring you the happiness you would like in retirement.