Should I Use a Trust to Protect My Children’s Inheritance?

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We have approximately $1.5 million in cash and investments, mostly in Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Our mortgage is paid and we have no debt. We have three adult children. Should we put out assets into a trust to better protect them for the future?

What Can You Tell Me About a Special Needs Trust?

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If you have a loved one who deals with chronic illness or a disability of some kind, you want to be able to keep supporting them after you’re gone. However, you don’t want to disrupt their ability to collect funds from programs like Medicaid or disability payments. In these situations, you can use a special needs trust.

Protect Your Pets After You’re Gone

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To ensure animals’ well-being, you should pick a caregiver and set up paperwork, funding.

If You’re Going to Die, You Need an Estate Plan

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Estate planning sounds like you need to be of nobility and own country estates before it applies to you. However, estate planning only means that you are making a plan for when you pass away or are no longer able to make good decisions for yourself.